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Body Transformations is your premier personal training facility in the Bellevue, WA area. Our personal trainers will help you move better, feel better and look better!

Anthony provides a challenging experience while mixing in fun and teamwork … [Read More]

– Don

Anthony is the answer! Want to get stronger? Want to lose weight? Want to have fun doing it? … [Read More]

– Rachelle

Not only did I loose weight, I gained muscle, flexibility, and felt great about how I looked … [Read More]

– Pat

As I was struggling to recover from my hip resurfacing surgery, I discovered Anthony/Body Transformations in March 2016. The focus on functional movement is what I had been looking for. Not every hip patient needs the same protocol. Anthony tailored our time together for my specific needs and addressed the mobility issues that were frustrating me. As a 54 yr old professional Sailing Captain, I wanted to regain my mobility and build strength. I feel the best I have since even before my hip injury in April 2014. If you are experiencing mobility issues and think it is part of getting older, spend some time with Anthony to discover functional movement feels great!

– Anne

Why Body Transformations?

  • Our personal trainers will help you reach your fitness goals through a personalized plan.
  • Our personal trainers will help you stay motivated throughout your fitness plan!
  • Our personal trainers will show you proper exercise techniques to help you exercise safely.
The knowledgeable personal trainers at Body Transformations in Bellevue, WA will help you develop a customized exercise plan based on your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will help you structure a fitness program that is easy to follow and tailored to your current fitness level so you don’t become overwhelmed. Your personal trainer will also teach you the proper way to perform exercises to ensure safety and effectivness throughout your workout. In some situations your personal trainer may even recommend other lifestyle changes that connect with your fitness program to maximize your results. These suggestions can include meal plans, supplements and/or other health tips – all based on what you are interested and willing to try within your fitness plan.
Have you started fitness programs in the past but struggled to find the motivation to keep going? Our personal trainers can help you stay on track and be accountable throughout your journey to improved health. Having a scheduled appointment with your personal trainer will keep you on track to improving your fitness goals! We can help you find a fitness solution to keep exercise part of your daily routine. If you are bored with your current fitness activities we can help you find options to make exercising more fun. We can even help you form short and long term goals and review your progress. We believe in you and your success.
You don’t need to shy away from a fitness routine for fear of injuring yourself. If you have an injury, illness or certain physical limitations your personal trainer will help you find specific exercises that will help you, not hurt you. We can also help teach you the proper technique for using exercise equipment. Working with a personal trainer will allow you to achieve results that are not typically possible on your own. Whether your goal is injury rehab, body toning, weight loss or finding a new fitness plan to switch things up anyone can benefit from the close relationship of a personal trainer.